CDBG Awards

2018 First Application Round Awards

$5,599,500 in grants for one (1) county and five (5) city projects have been awarded. The funds available for awards included $1,372,211 from the 2017 CDBG allocation. The grants from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program will assist rural communities with funding for important projects around the state. The six (6) awards are summarized below:

City of Chiloquin

The city of Chiloquin owns and operates its public Wastewater system. The current system has numerous compliance deficiencies and is operating under a Mutual Agreement and Order (MAO) with DEQ due to the inability to reach compliance with the permit conditions for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS). The MAO requires the city to develop a facility plan, which the city just recently completed and adopted in February of 2018. Additionally, the MAO requires the city complete the design engineering within one year of the approval of the facility plan and implement the improvements within two years of the completion of the engineering.

The city is currently seeking funding to proceed with the final design of the wastewater system improvements to address the regulatory compliance issues identified. Total CDBG award: $702,000.

City of Tillamook

The city of Tillamook owns and operates a municipal wastewater treatment and collection system, under the authority of a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES) #101239 issued by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

On November 28, 2005, the city received DEQ approval of their Wastewater Facilities Plan (WWFP). The WWFP also identified numerous collection system deficiencies. As result of these collection system deficiencies, the city has received two warning letters from DEQ.

The deteriorated state of the city's collection system continues to allow significant inflow and infiltration (I&I) into the system, along with surcharging problems during high rainfall events. Not only does this create a public health and environmental concern, it also leads to overloading the wastewater treatment facility.

The city's engineer of record developed a feasibility study dated September 5, 2013, and, based upon the study, the city has completed the final design and the Environmental Assessment for the project. The city is currently seeking funding to proceed with construction to repair and replace pipe in multiple locations throughout Tillamook as identified in the final design. Total CDBG award: $2,500,000.

City of St. Helens

The city of St Helens is the applicant on behalf of The Columbia Pacific Food Bank (CPFB), a non-profit organization that operates the Food Bank providing service to not only the immediate St. Helens area, but several other communities within Columbia County. The Food Bank currently serves an estimate of 7,000 people monthly through a network of five food pantries, one community meal site, and 25 supplemental partners. The city is seeking funding to complete the design and construction to renovate a newly acquired building and make it a functioning food bank, warehouse and distribution center, which will serve the Columbia county area. The city has secured additional funds from CPFB of $50,000. Total CDBG award: $1,500,000.

City of Independence

Low- and moderate-income microenterprise business owners have limited resources to access business and marketing training. These owners need assistance to reach larger markets to build their income. A regional microenterprise assistance program will be formed through a partnership involving the city of Independence, Polk County, Marion County (non-entitlement areas only), and Yamhill County. The city of Independence will serve as the lead agency, responsible for administering the award contract and overseeing project operations.

This project targets the identified needs of low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. The requested $97,500 will be utilized to provide classroom training and support. The department staff will need to work closely with this recipient to track performance on this award.

The communities will continue to work closely with the Micro Enterprise Resource, Initiatives and Training (MERIT). MERIT is the local microenterprise support organization and has an existing sub-grantee agreement with the applicant.

The city anticipates assisting 39 persons/microenterprises. The grant request is reasonable and meets the CDBG program requirements of $2,500 per assisted microenterprise for the maximum grant.

The project will meet the federal national objective of serving 51% or more low- and moderate-income (LMI) persons by collecting family size and income information from each client, monitoring this data to ensure that at all times this program meets the requirement and that all persons served through these classes will live in non-entitlement areas. The applicant has documented that 100% of the proposed clients will be LMI. Total CDBG award: $97,500.

Harney County

Harney County has submitted a housing rehabilitation application to provide grants to eligible homeowners for much-needed repairs on their homes. The need for home repairs for low income homeowners in Harney County, city of Burns, and city of Hines was clearly identified in the application. The current application received all of its "Readiness to Proceed" bonus points reflecting its readiness to proceed if funded. They anticipate providing grants to repair approximately 25 homes. Anticipated repairs may include lead based paint abatement/removal, private sewer and water lines, handicap accessibility/reasonable accommodation requests/repairs, upgrade/repair substandard plumbing and electrical, roofing, siding, insulation, weatherization, heating systems, etc. The county will enter into an agreement with Community In Action, a certified sub-grantee with extensive knowledge of the CDBG housing rehabilitation program. Total CDBG award: $400,000.

City of Independence

The city of Independence submitted an application to provide grants to eligible homeowners in Independence, Dallas, Monmouth, Falls City, and non-entitlement areas in Polk County. The city will enter into a sub-grant agreement with Polk Community Development Corporation, a certified sub-grantee for the housing rehabilitation program. The focus of these grant funds will be to provide needed health and safety repairs to eligible recipients. They anticipate providing grants to repair approximately 23 homes. Anticipated repairs may include lead based paint abatement/removal, private sewer and water lines, handicap accessibility/reasonable accommodation requests/repairs, upgrade/repair substandard plumbing and electrical, roofing, siding, insulation, weatherization, heating systems, etc. Total CDBG award: $400,000.

NOTE: For Round 1, the city of Independence submitted two separate applications; one for microenterprise assistance and one for housing rehabilitation. While this is unusual, it is allowable under the current Method of Distribution. Please see Application Limit section on page 11 of the 2018 Method of Distribution.

Competitive Application Process

The program serves the non-metropolitan cities and counties of Oregon with funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Business Oregon reviews applications for funding under the CDBG program on a quarterly basis or until all funds available for the year have been obligated. You are encouraged to contact the department and allow its regional development officer to work with you to develop an eligible project.