National Community Development Week

Celebrating Oregon's Community Development Block Grant Program

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program assists communities and is specifically designed for the benefit of low- to moderate-income individuals. The projects address health and safety compliance issues as well as support their ability to attract, retain, and expand businesses. Business Oregon awards projects through the federal CDBG program, in 2020 communities throughout Oregon benefited from improved water systems, new health resource centers, and residential improvements all through CDBG funding.

The program funds a broad range of projects including:

  1. Public Works Infrastructure including water and wastewater treatment plants, public water and sewer pipe, and water reservoirs.
  2. Community Facilities including Libraries, Head Start Centers, Emergency/Homeless Shelters, Transitional Housing, Shelters/ Workshops for People with Disabilities, Non-profit Health Clinics, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers, and Senior Centers.
  3. Regional Housing Rehabilitation Programs for single-family housing occupied by low- and moderate-income persons.
  4. Microenterprise—training to microenterprise owners and persons developing microenterprises.

Seneca Wastewater System Improvements

The city of Seneca was facing infiltration and inflow problems with the current lagoon system that was constructed in 1974. A CDBG grant of $2,500,000 made the construction of the new lagoon system possible. With the new system completed, the amount of groundwater intrusion was reduced and leaking from the current system stopped.

breaking ground for the lagoon
finished lagoon

Roseburg Head Start Construction

finished Head Start building

The Head Start Program in Douglas county received $2,000,000 in CDBG funding allowing them to construct a new building and reside in a permanent location. Head Start in Douglas county continued to deal with inadequate classroom sites and had to move 14 times in the last 25 years. The new permanent location provides children and families within the community stability for their education. The new building also provides space for other health and human service needs.

Dora-Sitkum Rural Fire Protection District Fire Station Construction

The rural communities of Dora and Sitkum share a fire station located in Dora. Travel between the communities requires road access that is sometimes reduced down to one lane. In the event of a disaster, emergency vehicles may not be able to access one or the other community. With the help of CDBG funding, a new Fire Station was constructed in Sitkum. With the new location, both communities will be able to receive services in a timely manner, even in the road is flooded or impacted by a natural emergency

Fire Hall burning during 2020 wild fire
finished fire hall