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Today's business environment demands that a supply of market-ready, employment-oriented sites specifically zoned for industrial or traded-sector uses are available for development within 180 days or less. Oregon's Certified Shovel Ready program meets this demand by verifying that a site is market-ready and developable. Certified sites are then advertised in the global real estate market, like oregonprospector.com, to attract and grow traded-sector businesses in Oregon.

Site owners enter the program by completing a commitment letter. Once the letter is accepted, Business Oregon hires a contractor to quickly complete a Shovel Ready Report. If there is a significant constraint preventing the site from being certified, issues will be addressed in a pre-certification memo and Business Oregon, along with regional governments, will continue to move toward achieving full Shovel Ready Certification by addressing constraints on an as-needed basis. Publicly-owned sites may apply for a grant to cover a portion of the associated costs. Privately-owned sites will have to self-fund and contract all associated work.

Certification Process

1. Submit Commitment Letter and Supplemental Documents

Required documentation will take some time, so it is important to leave enough time to complete and gather all of these pieces before submitting the Commitment Letter. Here are the required electronic supplemental documents:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Archaeological predetermination letter from SHPO
  • Title report, current within 30 days
  • DSL-approved Wetland Determination Report

2. When to Apply

Business Oregon accepts Commitment Letters at any point in the year. The Shovel Ready Report and verification process takes about six months and is performed annually in September.

3. Where to Apply

The Commitment Letter PDF should be downloaded to your computer, completed and saved. When all documentation is compiled and ready, open the Commitment Letter and use the electronic submit button at the end of the form.

For questions and assistance, contact Business Oregon's Lands Specialist.