Oregon Industrial Development

In order to advance critical job creation and economic development activities, industrial development must occur without lengthy approval processes through multiple agencies. Senate Bill 766 passed during the 2011 legislative session. The Oregon Legislature reviewed the permit processes at state agencies, and created an environment where agencies work together to meet a 120-day timeline.

To oversee this process, the Economic Recovery Review Council (ERRC) was created to administer two distinct programs. The council is made up of agency directors from five state agencies: Business Oregon, Environmental Quality, Land Conservation and Development, State Lands and Transportation. The council also must include a representative from an affected local government if requested.

The two programs are the:

Industrial Development Projects of State Significance—Up to 10 projects per biennium may be subjected to an expedited process when job creation, wage and other criteria are met.

Regionally Significant Industrial Areas—Between five and 15 areas planned and zoned for industrial use that have potential long-term job creation and meet legislatively defined criteria.