IFA Helps Gresham Water Service Meters Get "SMART"

City: Gresham, OR

Business Oregon's Infrastructure Finance Authority helped the city of Gresham with a $1.2 million Safe Drinking Water loan (SDWRLF) and $4.36 million in federal stimulus (ARRA) funds to replace and automate the small and large service meters in their water system with an Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system.

This "green" project was planned in several phases. The first phase of the project, using ARRA funds, included the replacement and conversion of approximately 16,000 small (5/8" through 1") residential and commercial meters to the AMI system and purchasing the equipment to install the system. The project allows meter readings directly at the billing department via radio frequency/DSL, eliminating the need to manually read each meter.

The SDWRLF funds will be used to complete phase two, replacing all the 1.5" and 2" large meters and converting them from the current manual read to an Automated Metering Infrastructure. Phase three will be doing the same for all large 3" meters.

The Smart Meters project saves fuel, reduces pollution, enables water use analysis and leak identification, reduces meter-reading expenses and enhances customer service by making more water use information available to residents.