Community Development Block Grant Cares Act Funded

Business Oregon has made available CDBG Cares Act funds for the Small Business and Microenterprise Program, Emergency Rental Assistance Program, and COVID-19 Impact Assistance Program.

COVID-19 Impact Assistance Program funding is for non-housing related activities within non-entitlement communities impacted by COVID-19. The funding availability is released through the series of Notice of Funding Availabilities (NOFA).

Funding Programs


Emergency Small Business & Micro-Enterprise Assistance Program

A grant program intended to help businesses remain solvent through the COVID-19 crisis.


Emergency Housing Related Assistance Program

The grant program provides housing assistance to low- to moderate-income households impacted by COVID-19.


COVID-19 Impact Assistance Program

A grant program to help mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on low- and moderate-income beneficiaries.