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Oregon Revised Statute (ORS)

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Regionally Significant Industrial Sites

RSIS is a profit sharing economic development tool that offers state income tax reimbursements for approved industrial site readiness activities. Tax reimbursements go to the approved local community annually the year after a project's employment thresholds are reached. The following examples are eligible site readiness activities: land acquisition and assembly costs, planning and engineering, environmental remediation and mitigation, transportation improvements, infrastructure improvements, and site grading.


The 2013 Legislature authorized the creation of Regionally Significant Industrial Sites (RSIS) program. The governing statutes and rules have been revised over the past few years, but most recently the rules were suspended on November 28, 2017, a notice of proposed rulemaking were filed on January 16, 2018, and final rules were filed with the Secretary of the State's office on April 17, 2018.

Eligible Applicants

A local government can apply if they own the industrially zoned site/s or act as a sponsor for a privately owned industrially zoned site/s. Notice, the program is accepting applications until spring of 2023.

Application Process

It is recommended that interested communities and property owners have a pre-application meeting with the industrial lands specialist and their regional development officer prior to applying.

  1. Submitted a complete application and development plan to Business Oregon;
  2. Business Oregon's staff and the Governor's Regional Solutions Team will review the application and development plan and prepare comments;
  3. Staff prepares and submits a staff recommendation memorandum to the Director of Business Oregon;
  4. The Director of Business Oregon will review the staff recommendation and make a final decision to designate the site or not.
  5. Staff will notify the applicant of the department's final decision in writing.


Required traded sector industry development employment thresholds

  • Rural sites—Eligible employers must hire a minimum of 25 employees whose wages average wages are 150% of the county or state, whichever is less.
  • Urban sites—Eligible employers must hire a minimum of 50 employees whose wages average wages are 150% of the county or state, whichever is less.

Following the designation of a site, department staff will work with the RSIS sponsor to enter into a tax reimbursement agreement and subsequent reporting and monitoring.