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Emergency Projects as a Result of a Disaster

In order to request and receive funding from the Special Public Works Fund (SPWF), the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • The project must result from an "Emergency" as defined in ORS 401.025, and have federal disaster relief assistance funds committed to it.
  • The facility must be municipally owned.
  • The funding request shall not exceed the local matching share (25%) required by the federal government.
  • Allowable project costs are those eligible for federal assistance, unless a specific item or cost is precluded by a restriction in state law.
  • Eligible project activity costs shall not duplicate costs that will be paid under the FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program.
  • The benefited area must be included in the designated disaster area.

Emergency project assistance is used for reconstruction of essential community facilities that provide or support services vital to public health and safety. Some typical, municipally-owned facilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Water and sewer utilities
  • Local roads, bridges and other transportation system facilities
  • Emergency services buildings, including 911 system and ambulance facilities
  • Police and fire stations
  • Medical treatment centers
  • Emergency and auxiliary shelter
  • Storm water drainage
  • Port facilities
  • Infrastructure required for access to school
  • City halls
  • City and county courts
  • Jails

An eligible "municipality" includes an Oregon city or county, tribal councils, ports, special districts defined in ORS 198.010 and county service districts organized under ORS Chapter 451. Funding awards are made as a grant or loan depending on program criteria and resources available in the SPWF.

Other Eligible Activities

Other activities include pre-construction activities as defined in ORS 285B.416(2) such as preliminary design and specifications (planning projects) or a phased project such as design-construction, which includes direct project management costs (also a planning project).

How to Apply

Please contact your Regional Development Officer to start the process.

Potential construction and planning projects must meet minimum criteria to be eligible to apply. This is determined by a Project Notification and Intake process which the regional coordinator will take you through.