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Business Oregon helps facilitate the deployment and utilization of telecommunications infrastructure to support innovation, create economic opportunities and build quality communities throughout Oregon.

Oregon has a world-class telecommunications infrastructure extending throughout the state. Multiple fiber optic backbone networks with diverse routing provide excellent network reliability and connectivity statewide.

In Oregon, telecommunications is recognized as a key component of infrastructure, along with roads, bridges, water systems and electric power. Oregon communities are served by a progressive group of telephone companies, cable companies, wireless companies and competitive access service providers offering an extensive mix of voice and data services. World-class optical fiber networks deliver reliable high capacity digital services throughout the state. Broadband Internet access is widely available for businesses and residents.

Telecommunications Infrastructure

The Oregon Broadband Mapping Project has created an interactive map to provide broadband service information for Oregon counties, cities and addresses.

Oregon Broadband Advisory Council

The Oregon Broadband Advisory Council was created in 2009 to develop and ensure the implementation of statewide broadband strategies.

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Service providers can be found at the Public Utility Commisson's Web site.