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Tide Gates Program

The Tide Gates program provides funding for planning projects preparing for the development and construction of tide gate infrastructure as well as shovel-ready construction projects.

Who Can Apply?

  • Public entities
    • an Oregon city or county
    • a Port organized under ORS chapter 777 or 778
    • a county service district organized under ORS chapter 451
    • a district as defined in ORS chapter 198
    • a tribal council of a federally recognized Indian tribe in Oregon
    • an airport district organized under ORS chapter 838
  • Private entities
    • individuals
    • corporations
    • associations
    • firms, partnerships, joint stock companies
  • Non-profit entities (an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends)

Planning Projects

Tide gate planning projects develop and prepare tide gate(s) for construction. The project should result in

Construction Projects

Construction projects demonstrate shovel-ready improvement plans to a tide gate drainage system. Projects must

How and When to Apply

All Tide Gates 2021 project funding awards must be expended by June 30, 2023. Future open application periods will be announced on this page.

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