Community Development Block Grant Cares Act Funded

Business Oregon has made available $5,210,809 for Small Business and Microenterprise Projects and $2,233,203 for Emergency Rental Assistance of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG-CV1) funding for non-housing related activities within non-entitlement communities impacted by COVID-19.

Who Can Apply

The state CDBG program is only available to non-entitlement cities or counties (cities or counties that don't have a direct allocation of CDBG funds from HUD.

The non-entitlement city or county grant recipient must sub-grant the funds to either one of the following non-profit organizations:

  • For Small Business Assistance: a statewide or local Economic Development, Non-profit organization certified in providing small business lending (such as the following but not limited to: EDA, SBA, USDA, CDFI).
  • For microenterprises businesses: secure services of a microenterprise support organization.
  • For rental assistance: local organizations with retal assistance experience, e.g., public housing authorities, CAP agencies, non-profit housing organizations.

Availability of Funds

Small Business/Microenterprise Projects
$5,210,809 of available funds will be divided into two project types:

  • $2,977,605 for Small Business/Microenterprise Assistance
  • $2,233,204 for emergency COVID-19 response assistance such projects that prevent, prepare for, and respond to the COVID-19.

Emergency Rental Assistance
$2,233,203 of available funds. Maximum grants per application are:

  • City: $400,000 and must serve a minimum of two non-entitlement communities
    (Can apply for an additional $50,000 for collaboration with additional non-entitlement cities—Maximum of $500,000.)
  • County: $600,000
    (Can apply for an additional $100,000 for collaboration with additional non-entitlement county—Maximum of $800,000.)

This funding is reflecting the first of three waves of allocation (known as CDBG-CV1). Business Oregon will release a series of Notice of Funding Availabilities for the remaining funding allocations.

Application Deadline

Funds will be awarded to the first eligible projects and until all funds are exhausted or the application deadline (whichever comes first).

  • The Small Business/Microenterprise Application deadline is May 20, 2021
  • Emergency Rental Assistance Application deadline is June 30, 2021

Application Process

COVID 19 Emergency Assistance applications for these three criteria are accepted year-round until all set-aside funds are exhausted. Contact a Regional Development Officer (RDO) for assistance and more information. Complete applications for emergency projects must be received by the department within 18 months of either the Governor's declaration or a Presidential disaster declaration of emergency for the event creating the emergency.

Application Guidelines

For detailed information about each project type, who may apply, funding details, and the application process please review the application guidelines listed below. If you have additional questions about the application or need assistance with the online application system, please contact Fumi Schaadt, 503-986-0027 or Rena Schoen, 503-949-6294. For questions regarding the program, or community eligibility please contact your local Regional Development Officer.

Application Guidelines: