International Port of Coos Bay Rebuilds Ice House to Help South Coast Commercial Fishing Fleet

In April 2020, the Infrastructure Finance Authority Board awarded the International Port of Coos Bay a $6M loan to fund the construction of a new Ice House.

In December 2019, a fire destroyed the port's existing facility and the pier structure beneath the building. This unexpected loss would have a great impact on the 200-250 commercial fishing vessels served at the port's Charleston Marina, the third largest commercial fishing hub in Oregon. Last year, more than 18 million pounds of fish and shellfish were landed with a value of more than $28 million according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Because the commercial fishing industry is a critical component to the regional economy, the port committed to building a new Ice House and in-water structure in time for the pending fishing season. Plans were designed with the current and future fishing fleet in mind. The new 3,820-square-foot facility, located on a new 6,400-square-foot dock, will have greater ice manufacturing capacity and be more energy efficient than the former plant.

Although the port had insurance, building code requirements and the desire to increase the capacity of the facility resulted in a project cost that exceeded replacement coverage. With assistance from Business Oregon, the port's project received $3.6M in Special Public Works Funds and $2.4M in Port Revolving Loan funds, for a total award of $6M. With design complete and funding available, the port is transitioning to construction and intends to have the new Ice House open to the public and supporting industry by June 2020.