Port of Siuslaw Dredge Project On Time and Under Budget

Business Oregon facilitates a dredging program in partnership with Oregon public ports, which enables the state to play a role in keeping waterways navigable and reducing maintenance costs. An annual project represents a yearlong planning process between Business Oregon, as the owner of the dredge, the International Port of Coos Bay, as the operators of the state equipment, and a public port, as the recipient of dredging services.

The 2019-2020 dredging project occurred at the Port of Siuslaw, wherein the port's inner boat basin was serviced. The basin collected sand and silt to a point where some slips were unusable for the commercial and recreational fleet or were only accessible during high tide. Inadequate depth in the marina also caused damage to dock infrastructure.

In December 2019, planning efforts transitioned into the mobilization of dredging equipment, marking the operational start of the project. In January 2020, a crew of three began work on location, moving 250 cubic yards of material a day, despite challenging field conditions. In April 2020, the annual project concluded on time and under budget.

Ultimately, 12,000 cubic yards of sediment was removed from the marina, enabling boats to safely navigate and efficiently access the port's slips and amenities. The Port of Siuslaw joins a proud history of successful dredging projects utilizing the state's equipment. Special thanks to the International Port of Coos Bay and the Port of Siuslaw for their partnership.