Infrastructure Finance

Regional Development Officers serve as the gateway to our suite of services, working directly with communities and business partners to identify opportunities and address challenges related to business growth and community development. The Regional Project Manager works together with the Regional Development Officer to manage resulting projects as well as coordinate programs used.

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Regional Development Officers
Ryan DeGrofft, Regional Development Officer 971-701-0113 
Serving Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla, and Wheeler counties

Allison Field, Regional Development Officer 971-301-1165 
Serving Grant, Harney, and Malheur counties

Bryan Guiney, Regional Development Officer 503-307-3662 
Serving Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties

Michael Held, Regional Development Officer 971-599-9489 
Serving Hood River, Wasco, and Sherman counties

Larry Holzgang, Regional Development Officer 541-219-2895 
Serving Klamath and Lake counties

Dennie Houle, Regional Development Officer 503-791-2732 
Serving Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties

Brian McDowell, Regional Development Officer 541-962-5020 
Serving Baker, Union, Wallowa

Carolyn Meece, Regional Development Officer 503-704-1311 
Serving Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson counties

Melissa Murphy, Regional Development Officer 503-983-8857 
Serving Benton, Lane, Lincoln, and Linn counties

Melanie Olson, Regional Development Officer 503-801-7155 
Serving Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook counties

Sean Stevens, Regional Development Officer 541-346-8620 
Serving Coos, Curry, and Douglas counties

Marta Tarantsey, Regional Development Officer 503-856-2693 
Serving Jackson, Josephine counties

Regional Project Managers
Shanna Bailey, Regional Project Manager 541-786-4630 
Serving Baker, Grant, Gilliam, Harney, Klamath, Lake, Malheur, Morrow, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, and Wheeler counties

Tawni Bean, Regional Project Manager 503-551-0957 
Serving Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, and Josephine counties

Michelle Bilberry, Regional Project Manager 503-986-0142 
Serving Benton, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties

Becky Bryant, Regional Project Manager 541-297-3682 
Serving Clackamas, Clatsop, Columbia, Multnomah, Tillamook, and Washington counties

Arthur Chaput, Regional Project Manager 503-798-5076 
Serving Housing and CDBG Projects Statewide

Matthew Mattia, Regional Project Manager 503-856-2306 
Serving Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson, Hood River, Sherman, and Wasco counties

Ted Werth, Regional Project Manager 503-779-3221 
Serving Ports Projects Statewide