Infrastructure Programs

Business Oregon manages the state's infrastructure needs, namely those around safe drinking water and wastewater systems, and prioritizes them in order to ensure the best use of the state's limited resources.

Our staff assists communities to build infrastructure capacity to address public health safety and compliance issues as well as support their ability to attract, retain and expand businesses. We also work with municipalities, state agencies, and property owners to prepare industrial land for certification—the first step in bringing businesses to your community.

We work with our customers to:

  1. provide affordable financing of community infrastructure projects by using our specialized debt and asset management expertise and programs.
  2. streamline project approval processes, getting funding to communities in the quickest and most comprehensive ways possible with federal and state agency coordination.
  3. assist municipalities to plan, develop, expand and sustain infrastructure and community development projects.
  4. work with communities to develop responses to state and local economic or infrastructure priorities and work collaboratively on projects that leverage limited resources and position local communities to be competitive.