CDBG Awards

2020 Community Development Block Grant Awards

Business Oregon awarded $6,764,950 in grants for six (6) city projects, which included unobligated funds from previous years. The grants from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program will assist rural communities with funding for important projects around the state. The six (6) awards are summarized below:

City of Umatilla

The city of Umatilla owns and operates a public water system. The city intends to extend water service to Power City and construct a new, compliant and reliable water distribution system to service the residents of the Power City and Brownell communities—served through an extension of the city's water distribution infrastructure. Both areas are located within the city's Urban Growth Boundary. Power City has a total of 36 connections through the Power City Water Co-Op that would be added to Umatilla's system and Brownell has 13 connections that are served by either on-site well or the Sand Bur Water Association. Each communities faces some unique difficulties that prompted interest in using the city's system.

Power City Co-op water system has some compliance deficiencies, the largest compliance issue being their storage tank which is unable to meet water quality standards adopted in 1986. At the same time, the city is intending to extend services to the community of Brownell who is experiencing water reliability issues.

The city is currently seeking funding to proceed with the final design of the water system improvements to address the regulatory compliance issues identified and extend services to Power City and Brownell community. Total CDBG award: $593,500.

City of Ontario

The city of Ontario owns and operates a municipal wastewater system. The city, as per newly issued National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality effective June 1, 2019, for wastewater discharge to the Snake River is in need to achieve compliance for future requirement which contains a discharge limit for arsenic that is lower than the federal drinking water standard due to the bio-accumulative properties of arsenic.

The city has completed final design and environmental assessment of the wastewater system improvements and is currently seeking funding to proceed with the construction of the wastewater system improvements to achieve the condition identified in the NPDES permit city and New Bridge community. Total CDBG award: $2,451,450.

City of Union

The city of Union owns and operates a municipal Water system. To ensure healthy drinking water from any possible buildup of biological growth/or mineral encrustation, which may discolor or flavor in the drinking water, and to ensure reliable services, based on the city's 2018 Water System Control and Backup Power Feasibility Study, they are in need to upgrade the water system's electrical and control systems within well pump station No. 2 and 3 as required by Oregon Health Authority.

The city is seeking funding to complete final design on the well pump station No.2 and No.3 improvements to the electrical and control system. Total CDBG award: $220,000.

City of Woodburn

The city of Woodburn is requesting CDBG for the acquisition of a family resource center. The center will provide assistance to low- and moderate-income households to receive services for child advocacy and abuse, domestic violence, literacy, homelessness, senior and migrant services, and mental health support.

The city of Woodburn will enter into a lease/management agreement with Love Inc. to manage the property and coordinate with other service agencies to rent space. Rents will be minimal to ensure services to vulnerable populations will be free of charge. Total CDBG award: $1,500,000.

City of Baker

The city of Baker City is partnering with New Directions Northwest Inc. (NDN) to construct a Health and Wellness Center (HWC).

NDN provides much needed mental health and addiction services to the residents of Baker City and Baker County. The Health and Wellness Center will provide therapy through physical activity. Physical activity has been documented to have a large impact on the recovery of people with addictions and mental health creating stability and improved livelihood. The HWC will consist of a multipurpose basketball court (providing space for client seminars, leisure activities, and opportunities to address client isolation due to mental health, substance use, or developmental disabilities). The facility will include space for weights/cardio equipment, rooms to provide dental and medical services. This facility will provide services to low- and moderate-income individuals in treatment and residents of NDN. Total CDBG award: $1,500,000.

City of Coos Bay

The city of Coos Bay will contract with Umpqua Community Development Corporation, dba NeighborWorks Umpqua, to use CDBG funds to rehabilitate homes owned by residents at or below 80% of Area Median Income (AMI). This work will include manufactured homes in parks throughout the prescribed project locations. NeighborWorks Umpqua will seek applications for the rehabilitation projects, verify eligibility, and administer assistance to homeowners.

The city of Coos Bay is anticipating the CDBG funds will help 32 household owners live in decent, safe, and sanitary housing. Repairs will include critical systems such as electrical, plumbing, roofing, siding, insulation, weatherization, heating systems, and structural damage (dry rot). In some cases lead paint and asbestos abatement or removal. Total CDBG award $500,000.

Competitive Application Process

The program serves the non-metropolitan cities and counties of Oregon with funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Business Oregon reviews applications for funding under the CDBG program on an annual basis or until all funds available for the year have been obligated. You are encouraged to contact the department and allow its regional development officer to work with you to develop an eligible project.