Who's Received Funding?

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Special Public Works Fund

The Special Public Works FundĀ (SPWF) provides funds for publicly-owned facilities that support economic and community development in Oregon. Funds are available to public entities for:

  • planning;
  • designing;
  • purchasing;
  • improving and constructing publicly-owned facilities;
  • replacing publically owned essential community facilities; and
  • emergency projects as a result of a disaster.

Who Can Apply?

Public agencies that are eligible to apply for funding are:

  • cities;
  • counties;
  • county service districts (organized under ORS Chapter 451);
  • tribal councils;
  • ports;
  • districts as defined in ORS 198.010; and
  • airport districts (ORS 838).

Eligible Facilities and Projects

Facilities and infrastructure projects that are eligible for funding are:

  • airport facilities;
  • buildings and associated equipment;
  • levee accreditation, certification, and repair;
  • restoration of environmental conditions on publicly-owned industrial lands;
  • port facilities, wharves, and docks;
  • the purchase of land, rights of way and easements necessary for a public facility;
  • telecommunications facilities;
  • railroads;
  • roadways and bridges;
  • solid waste disposal sites;
  • storm drainage systems;
  • wastewater systems; and
  • water systems.


Loans for development (construction) projects range from less than $100,000 to $10 million. The Infrastructure Finance Authority offers very attractive interest rates that reflect tax-exempt market rates for highly qualified borrowers. Initial loan terms can be up to 25 years or the useful life of the project, whichever is less.

Loans also are available to plan a construction project.


Grants are available for construction projects that create or retain traded-sector jobs. They are limited to $500,000 or 85 percent of the project cost, whichever is less, and are based on up to $5,000 per eligible job created or retained.

Limited grants are available to plan industrial site development for publically owned sites and for feasibility studies.

How to Apply

Please contact your Regional Development Officer to start the process.

Potential construction and planning projects must meet minimum criteria to be eligible to apply. This is determined by a Project Notification and Intake process, which the regional coordinator will take you through.